Gobaith Môn aims to bring together Christians from all denominations to bring Hope to the youth of the Island by encouraging and developing youth work in schools, churches and communities. We aim to value each young person, be inclusive in community and encourage the local church.

SCHOOLS are where most young people are. Our commitment is to provide consistent relational support to these young people in the schools of Anglesey through a variety of means. We will work towards seeing young people emerge into their full potential within the context of a Biblical worldview. We are committed to be involved in young peoples’ lives starting with each individual through example, instruction and opportunity. We believe that today’s young people are tomorrow’s leaders, therefore it is imperative that we provide every young person the opportunity to thrive into their full potential.

As we work with young people the following principles are imperative in everything that we do.

We must be:

– Consistent

– Relational

– Inclusive

– Dynamic

– Authentic

Whilst adhering to these values, we aim to come alongside the school body and encourage the vision and values of the school to the students. This mainly occurs through a mutual commitment to serve the local school community through character based training. We are committed to seeing young people embrace integrity, value for others, and self-respect.

As Gobaith Môn we are able to teach on Religious Education topics providing a Biblical perspective as well as teach on multiple personal and social education (PSE) topics in a creative and innovative way. Each topic incorporates multiple methods of teaching delivery combining for a well-rounded and interactive learning environment. We also speak on a variety of topics for assemblies and work with student leader forums.