Gobaith Môn aims to bring together Christians from all denominations to bring Hope to the youth of the Island by encouraging and developing youth work in schools, churches and communities. We aim to value each young person, be inclusive in community and encourage the local church.

CHURCHES have always been the key vehicle to display the love of God to others. As Gobaith Môn is an interdenominational youth initiative, we aim to work across the board with the local church on Anglesey. We are committed to serving and contributing to the local church through practical works of service, teaching and training, discipleship and partnership. We want to come alongside the local church and see an active and healthy church on Anglesey where all age groups are involved.

At the moment there are approximately 67,000 people living on the island. Of that number there are approximately 22,500 children and young people under the age of 30. As we look at the demographics of our churches we must begin to ask the question; how many generations are we missing? How can we begin to give room for the next generation to come into the church and become our future leaders.

As Gobaith Môn, part of our contribution to the church is to focus on this critical issue and see it addressed. We want to see young people thrive in a relationship with God, come to know Him in a real and personal way and develop as the next generation of godly influencers and leaders.

We believe the church has a major role to play in the lives of the young people of Anglesey. There is a role to play for each person who would like to be involved. Each one of us has the ability to show the love of God through an act of service, our time, offering conversation or a listening ear.