So you want to get involved… Great!!!


Here’s a couple of ways that we would find really helpful:


  1. Monthly Prayer Meetings: As Gobaith Môn we have a prayer meeting at least once a month. Here we get together, give a bit of an update, then spend a really focussed time praying together about what’s happening, where we are going, any and everything relevant to the work of Gobaith Môn and the vision God has given us. (Please contact us here for details)

  2. Commit to Praying in Home/House Groups: If you cannot make our prayer meetings, then don’t loose heart! We are in constant need of prayer, and if you link in to our Prayer Chain (click here) then we will send you weekly updates on prayer points for Gobaith Môn. If you can come to the meetings, then please come along, it would be great to see you there.

  3. Adopt a School: adopt_a_school Click on the Pdf link and give it a read!

Prayer is key! If you are looking for some practical participation as well, here’s some options:


  1. Volunteer: If you have a skill set, or are just wanting to help out then please feel free to contact the Gobaith Môn number: 07955 674397 by call or text. If Cooking, Camps, Events Managing, Cake/Sweet production,  I.T. knowledge ect. sounds up your street, then please get in touch!

  2. Financial Partnership: Gobaith Môn is a charity, and as such a lot of our finance comes through God’s provision via his people. If you want to contribute to the vision, please contact our treasurer Neil Rymer on 01248 713003 or email him at He would be more than happy to hear from you and answer any questions you have.

  3. Internship: Check out our internship page and get in touch (Right here)!